Nat Longordo is a singer songwriter that hails from the
suburbs of New York City.  Nat's musical taste and
influences are very diverse .   Born in Italy , he has seen
experienced different cultures and music.
He has been writing and performing on the national scene  
for many years in various bands and projects. From hard
rock to roots reggae funk to comtemporary ballads, Nat
loves it all.
Some of his vast musical influences include:  Bob Marley,
Jason Marz, Pearl Jam, Live, Jim Croce ,Jack Johnson,
STP and many many more. His voice has a raspiness to it
with a soulful feel. Nat's previous bands include Nero and
TripJack.  Nat is a founder and current member of
GuavaLava, a roots rock reggae funk  band. GuavaLava 2nd
full album is due out summer 2012..  
The single  "Flight ", released in January 2012 was his first
solo release and has had great reviews and is featured in the
movie "A  guy named Rick".  Currently Nat is working on a
full solo album of diverse acoustic music with the single "
Cynical" slated to be released next.